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Creating a colourful life

Have you ever noticed that certain colours make you feel a certain way? I know for me, the colour pink makes me feel good, safe and calm.

For my son, the colour that makes him feel good is green. I’m sure if you think of your happy colour or your safe colour, a colour you love will pop into your head too.

It’s the feelings colour creates in us that inspires my work. Creating with explosions of colour is something I completely and utterly love.

My art is my soul’s work (not to get all woo or anything) but it really is my calling.

Artist Tara painting abstract art in design studio

Tara Cameron, Sydney based abstract artist

Through my work, I wish to bring sunlight into the lives of others. Nature is such an inspiration to me; I see so many shapes, colours and patterns in everyday life, which I incorporate into my designs.

But my greatest inspiration of all is my three young kids. My two eldest are in school, so I do a lot of my work at night once they are all in bed.

Our middle son was born with a rare chromosome disorder. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without him.

I love supporting other special needs mums, so if you ever need to reach out, please message, call or email anytime. I hope you fall in love with my creations as much as I’ve loved making them. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line with any questions or to just say hi.

Stay colourful,

Tara Cameron, Sydney based abstract artist

A burst of colourful client love