Creativity at home

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Creativity at home

As we are all finding ourselves at home alot more these days (Thanks Coronavirus) we have time to relax and create. I decided to put together a list of how to bring out the best of your creativity in this situation. 
I honestly believe we are all creative in our own ways, and letting go of our expectations certainly helps us develop our creativity. 
One of the best forms of creativity for me is creating jewellery. The materials I use allow me to explore ideas, colours, shapes and textures. Polymer Clay is super versatile and easy to get started. All you need are a few items and your all ready to go. 
Another avenue I love to explore is painting. The feeling of putting paint onto canvas is really soothing. I know what you’re thinking, that seems like an odd thing to say; but honestly, it is wonderful for my soul. 


A few tips on how to give yourself the best opportunity to be creative: 
- Allow yourself time alone (Minimum of 20mins)
- Set up a quiet workspace that is comfortable
- Grab your supplies and tools ahead of time so you don't need to be distracted looking for things
- Play some quiet music if it helps you relax
- Start small and experiment with your hands and materials
If you allow yourself just a small amount of time each day, you will find over time that your creativity will expand. Your imagination will grow along with your technique. Remember with art and being creative in general there are no rules or limits. 

 What to make?

To get you started with your creative journey, I have put a little list together of small business's in Australia who sell art and craft supplies, kits and online workshops. 

The Little Craft House 

They have a wide range of beads, yarn, powdered pigment, posca pens, tassels and many other items to keep you busy. 

Mini Mess Makers


We provide a range of messy play activities, which are usually theme based. 

Popular themes include transport, construction, dinosaurs, farm or jungle, 

rainbow, unicorns, fairies & superheroes.

Home Kits:


Rainbow Playdough Kit

 Plaster Painting Wholesale

Plaster painting is fun for you and the kids. Tamara sells a wide range of moulds and plasters in a variety of sizes. Here are a few examples of the kits she has available: 

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