Starting with Polymer Clay

Starting with Polymer Clay

I'm excited for you to be starting your very own Polymer Clay journey. 

On this page I will be listing information around working with Polymer Clay. Over time I will be uploading videos to you tube and creating downloadable information guides on the common topics that pop up when starting out with this exciting new medium. 

Most of the information provided here is from my own experience and I do recommend completing your own research as well to find your unique style. It's all about being your unique self and following your intuition. 

Common Questions:

How long do I bake my clay for?

This varys alot depending on the brand of clay, the thickness of the clay and the size of the pieces you are creating. As a general rule, for 3mm thick earrings, I personally bake for 25mins at 130C degrees in a fan forced ovan. I make sure the ovan is pre-heated for 10mins before baking my work. I don't use an ovan thermometer however they are highly recommended to ensure your ovan reaches the desired temperate. 

This is the official guide from Sculpey which is available on their website:

Polymer Clay Baking guide

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