Australian handmade earrings to brighten your day

Life is too short to wear boring earrings.

You know the feeling of completely topping off your look by putting on your favourite pair of earrings?

Your otherwise plain looking outfit, now transformed into something special by just simply adding some bright and bold earrings? It’s a feeling we definitely all know and love.

A pair of By Tara Louise handmade artisan earrings is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your day.

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Handmade earrings for every occasion

I create lightweight, sturdy and bright coloured handmade earrings that don’t disappoint. And I don’t just create one type of earring either. Studs, hoops and dangle earrings all feature to add vibrancy and happiness to all sorts of occasions.

Feel beautiful and make your statement with a pair of gorgeous By Tara Louise earrings.

Here are some of my favourite things about different types of earrings.

Studs for the everyday

One of the best things about stud earrings is that you can wear them any time and to any occasion. They are super easy to wear and style, making it almost effortless to pair them with other pieces of jewellery.

Hoops to make you happy

Hoop earrings are a true classic. They’ve been around for decades and have never gone out of style. What so many of us don’t realise is that hoop earrings complement the jaw and cheekbones too. They define our features with their shape and the shade they create making them a real winner in my eyes.

Dangly earring to leave an impression

Dangly earrings are a true statement piece. You can completely elevate your outfit by simply adding a beautiful pair of dangly earrings. There really is no better way to top off your look and add some vibrancy to your outfit.